HOT Face Pore Cleaner Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Facial Clean Machine Tool

HOT Face Pore Cleaner Blackhead Remover Vacuum Suction Facial Clean Machine Tool


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Facial Skin Care Acne Blackhead Black Spot Remover Vacuum Suction Pore Clean Machine
Strong absorption, completely sucked out blackhead that is difficult to clean, acne and grease.
Suck in double cups, use small holes for small parts of the nose, use large holes for cleaning large areas of the cheeks.
Prevents suction damages the skin, rich in vitamins and proteins, and gives the skin the nutrients it needs.
Restoring the newborn and leaves no traces, restores skin’s rejuvenating memory, revitalizes it’s vitality, creates a smooth, silky, leaving no trace of time.

Rated current: less than or equal to 500mA
Power Supply: 2 x AA batteries (Not included)

Color:Rose Gold,White


Facial microdermabrasion:
1. Change to microdermabrasion head, clean facial skin and wipe to dry.
2. Start from the bottom and move the beauty instrument from bottom to top.
3. Place the beauty instrument on the cheeks and move from inside to outside.
4. Place the beauty instrument in the forehead area and move from the middle to the sides.
5. Place the beauty instrument in a zone and move it up and down.
Cleaning of blackheads, oil and grease, make-up residues, etc.:
1. Replace the big round hole or small round hole beauty head (select the probe and gear according to your own skin capacity)
2. Align the probe hole with the part of the skin that needs care, but please do not move back and forth, move in one direction, use time should not be too long.
Fine lines care:
1. Replace the oval hole beauty head.
2. Hold the machine in the corner of the eyes, nose, mouth and other parts of the care, adjust the machine gear as needed.
3. Can be sucked on the part of the skin in need of care, quickly move away, and then suck again and then move away, so that repeated operations, 5 minutes once time.

1.Please allow 1-3 cm differs due to manual measurement.
2.Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.


1 x Pore Clean Machine
4 x Pore Clean Machine Heads
1 x User Manual


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